The Master Gunsmith Program

Become a Master or Professional Gunsmith with 3 options to suit YOUR needs and goals Pro-Level I, Pro-Level II or Master Gunsmith

Master gunsmith program

The Professional Level 1 Course (shown above and instructed on more than 40 DVD's), gives you everything you need to know to get started.

Complete Testing & Certificate:

When you complete the Introduction to Gunsmithing and each of the four sections (Pistols & Revolvers, Shotguns, Rifles, Rimfires) you will take a written multiple choice examination to test your knowledge. If you pass you will become certified for that portion of the course and receive a handsome Personalized Certificate for each section of the course.

Earning a Certificate from the American Gunsmithing Institute is more than just a badge of honor. Many factories will allow our graduates access to restricted parts unavailable to students of some other courses.

Professional Gunsmith - Level 1:

The Professional Gunsmithing Course Level 1 consists of 108 Hours of core video instruction in Design, Function and Repair. This is the Primary Knowledge that you must have to work on and repair guns. You start with a Complete Introduction to Gunsmithing and Course Overview.

In the first 5 hour section we introduce you to the world of Gunsmithing by explaining; special gunsmithing tools and how to use them, filing and stoning techniques, proper use of hand tools, firearms parts and proper terminology and descriptions, locking systems, action types, feed mechanisms, basic ballistics, cartridges and powders, different types and pressures, cartridge evolution, primer and bullet types and so much more. Now you are prepared to get into the Meat of the course learning the Design, Function and Repair of Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles, Shotguns and Rimfires.

It is our belief that you can't "fix it" unless you really understand how "it" works. Many so-called "gunsmiths" simply "throw new parts" at a problem until they hope it is fixed. We teach the Why and the How. As a Graduate of the American Gunsmithing Institute Gunsmith, when you fix a gun, you'll know you really fixed it.

Congratulations on producing the most thorough and valuable firearms repair program the market has ever seen. I was very skeptical when I first ordered the series because everything else I had previously experienced ranged from dismal to an outright rip-off. The fact that you teamed up with Bob Dunlap gave me the confidence that you probably had the knowledge and know-how to produce a proper and credible course.

I certainly was not disappointed; on the contrary, I was pleasantly surprised on how difficult it was. I could not even answer one question on the first page of the exams the first time I looked at them. I knew then that I made not only a good choice but also a good investment. With each video I completed and each job I repair right the "first time" I can honestly say that I am on my way to becoming an excellent gunsmith.

Wayne Rudrum, Cranbrook, BC

With the Certified Professional Level 1 course in, addition to the 108 Hours of Design, Function and Repair Instruction in the Certified course, you will also receive these additional Bonus How-to DVDs:

Making Glocks Rock:

Master Glocksmith T.R. Graham will teach you how to refine & customize Glock pistols. His easy methods for rapid assembly & disassembly will amaze you. Applicable to all models. (3.5 hours)

Glass Bedding:

A key component to having an accurate rifle is a high quality glass bedding job that provides a stable platform for the action and prevents warping. Tricks and tips are revealed in this course that will save you time and prevent costly mistakes. (2 hours)

Building the Ultimate 1911 Pistol:

(Volumes 1, 2 & 3) Celebrated Pistolsmith and Firearms innovator Gene Shuey instructs this course. The 1911 .45 Auto and its variants are probably the most commonly customized pistol on the planet. This is truly a Master's course on building a custom or carry 1911 pistol.

  • Volume 1 covers dozens of modifications and customizing techniques and tools for 1911's, including how to install many special "gunsmith fit" parts.
  • Volume 2 teaches you how to build a competition gun from a "race-ready" frame & slide set offered by the top manufacturers.
  • Volume 3 provides everything you need to know to build up a wide-frame, hi-capacity competition pistol. (12.5 hours total)
Custom Barreling Bolt Action Rifles:

Master Riflesmith Darrell Holland will take you step by step through the process of rebarreling a bolt-action rifle using a Remington 700 action. Including; Turning, Threading, Chambering and Crowning a barrel blank, fitting and "Blueprinting" the action. (2 hours)

Super Tuning the Factory Rifle:

Learn how to wring out the maximum accuracy from factory rifles before having to resort to re-barreling. Master Riflesmith Darrell Holland will teach you how to cut group sizes in half by recrowning, rebedding and truing and tuning up the action. (3.5 hours of exclusive info!)

Building the Complete Custom Mauser Rifle:

Teaches you the entire process from start to finish. Including action selection, re-barreling, chambering, custom part selection, custom stocks, metalwork, express sights, muzzle break, much more. This is a complete semester's worth of instruction in custom rifle building. (7 hours)

Buying & Collecting Used Guns - A Dealers Secrets:

Learn from an expert the proper way to select winners and to pass on the "Dogs", what adds value and what detracts. Years of experience will be yours instantly. (2 hours)

The American Gunsmithing Institute's 12 MONTH Better Than Risk-Free "Bulletproof" Guarantee:

If you become dissatisfied with the American Gunsmithing Institute's Professional Gunsmithing Course for any reason, you can return it for a full refund for up to one FULL YEAR!  Or until you pass your first test and get your certificate.  With no hard feelings…and we'll even let you keep "The Money Makers" Bonus Video Course, easily worth hundreds of dollars.

Intermediate Gunsmith Course - Level 2:

The Professional Gunsmithing Course Level 2 includes everything in the Professional Level 1 course PLUS the courses listed below:

Advanced Trigger Jobs and Systems

This advanced course will expand your understanding of how trigger systems function. Robert Dunlap will take you step-by-step through 14 major types of trigger systems that represent the majority of all systems utilized in most firearms. Extensive detail is given on each system using large mock-ups to clearly represent how each system works along with a discussion and examples of other firearms that use the same or very similar systems. In addition, a "hands-on" trigger job is performed on each specific model covered. The triggers course is 8 hours in length and is fully indexed to help you locate the section you need, fast!

Professional Metal Finishing and Hot Caustic Bluing Course

Exclusive instruction that clearly explains and demonstrates in comprehensive detail everything that you need to know to professionally refinish firearms. Whether you want to add bluing to your services offered, want to refinish your own guns, or just want to possess this knowledge, this course will help you achieve consistent success. Every step is explained and shown to you in step-by-step detail. This course covers detailed metal preparation, tank set up, and mixed processes. Dozens of tips and techniques are revealed, many for the very first time. Instructed by Professional Gunsmith and A.G.I. Director Gene Shuey. The presentation far exceeds the content of the courses offered at most Gunsmithing Schools.

Slow Rust and Nitre Bluing

Many of the finest guns in the world are blued using this Semi-Secret process and it is mandatory for soft soldered double guns. A professionally done finish using these methods will fetch $300 and more! In the past this information has been limited to a handful of gunsmiths. Gene Shuey reveals it to you, step-by-step, providing little known tricks and secrets. After mastering the metal preparation process from the Metal finishing course mentioned above and using the techniques you learn in this course, you'll be able to offer these profitable services.

Pillar Bedding Rifles for Accuracy

Master rifle maker Darrel Holland will provide you with over two hours of instruction taking you through the entire process of pillar bedding to improve a rifle's accuracy. Currently there is a huge demand for building varmint and tactical rifles. Get yourself a piece of the action by offering this service!

A Day at the Bench with Bob Dunlap

What if you could spend a Day at the Bench looking over a Master Gunsmith's shoulder as he explains, not only what he is doing, but also what he is thinking as he works through a series of real repairs? After learning complete design, function and repair, as part of the Professional Level 2 course you will have the rare opportunity to get inside the mind of Bob Dunlap and understand exactly how he thinks through a gunsmithing problem. This will take your professionalism to the next level. You will spend the equivalent of an entire day looking over Bob's shoulder as he works on everything from a Luger Pistol to an Italian copy of a Winchester 73.

He talks to you about his thought process, how to diagnose problems and ways to make the fastest repairs. This is a very "hands-on" additional course. Bob also shares with you his philosophy on setting up your shop and how to move efficiently. You too will have the ability to rapidly analyze problems and apply the most direct solutions. This is four and a half (4.5) additional hours of exclusive insider information.

Plus with the Level 2 you get all of these additional courses:

  • Stock Refinishing. Learn how to safely remove the old finish without damaging the checkering, repair dented & damaged stocks, re-stain the wood and apply a silky modern finish that will last for decades.
  • Selecting, Understanding and Buying Pistol & Rifle Scopes. So what exactly, other than price, IS the difference between a $100 scope and a $1,000 scope? Learn the answer to this and other questions as you find out how to judge scope quality and function. You'll be able to assist your customers in their product selection with confidence.
  • How to Heat treat Carbon Steels. When you make replacement parts you need to know how to harden the metal. Learn type of metals this method works on and the complete procedure that you can use in your shop.
  • Case hardening Metal Parts. Use this method to duplicate old, out of production parts. Learn the benefits of using this older style method.
  • How to make coil springs. From time to time you need to make a coil spring. This course will show you how, including how to use a unique fixture that Bob Dunlap invented.
  • Learning the Art of Making Flat Springs. Making flat springs is a classic gunsmithing art. These types of springs are still used in many modern arms and reproductions. The ability to perform this skill is often mandatory for repairing heirloom firearms.

The Complete Machine Shop Course

gunsmithing machinist course

To expand your Gunsmithing knowledge and ability to make repairs, the Level 2 course also teaches you the next set of skills that you will want to learn, which is general machine shop knowledge and how to operate a mill and lathe. In this course, you'll learn how to completely set up and operate the Lathe, Vertical Mill and a host of other shop equipment. Containing Over 30 hours of DVD instruction , Master Riflesmith and Machinist Darrell Holland will instruct you in everything you need to know to be able to walk up to any one of these machines and start making parts. This is an extremely valuable addition to any Gunsmith's set of skills.

In the Lathe section of the course you will learn: How-to select a lathe, complete lathe set up, tool geometry and grinding tool bits, how to turn diameters and cut threads, boring, reaming, feed rates, using dial indicators and precision measuring devices, material selection and so much more.

In the Vertical Milling section you will learn mill design and considerations for purchasing a mill, all the type of mill cutters and how to use them. You will understand how to bore, fly cut, and set up work along with special fixtures. You will know how to calculate cutting speeds and feed rates for various materials. How to use an X, Y and Z digital readout to insure precision location of holes and edges. And again, so much more than we can list here.

The General Shop techniques section covers how to efficiently set up your shop and how to use all the support and measuring equipment. You will learn how to plan and make a complex part from scratch using numerous different machines - along with dozens of insider tips and techniques. Also explained and demonstrated is how to use the popular combination lathe/mill machines. It also includes several bonus videos that will greatly expand your general machining knowledge beyond gunsmithing.

The Complete Machine Shop course also comes with test materials and projects along with certification in Machine Shop Theory & Practice. You will be able to acquire the skills of a machinist using this course. Includes books, prints and other materials.

There is so much information contained in the 30 plus hour A.G.I. machine shop course that we cannot list it all here. However we did want to give you a small sampling of the hundreds of student testimonials we have on file:

This Course is Fantastic! I am just setting up my shop and this course has saved me countless hours. A lot of manual machining skills that are fast being lost, are thankfully preserved through this course

Robert Honeycutt, Black Mtn. NC.

The course exceeded my expectations. By far the most comprehensive and clear instruction course on machining. I learned enough in the first three videos to pay for the whole course!

Joe T. Travis, Monroe LA.

WOW!! Talk about making the Lathe & Mill understandable. Mr. Holland is definitely a master at his trade. He has a no-nonsense approach and gets right to the point. By the time you get through the videos you are ready to tackle almost anything.

Danny Rejda, Lusk WY.

Master Gunsmith Course - Level 3

In addition to Everything in the Level 1 & 2 Professional Gunsmithing Course you will also learn to Become an Expert Welder in a Matter of Hours.

If you have ever tried to weld and were frustrated by the results, then this course is for you! The skill of welding used to take years to master. But now, because A.G.I. uses the latest technology, we will reveal the secrets of success by showing you how to make the perfect weld by controlling the molten puddle. We bring you so close that you feel like you are right into the molten metal puddle. For the first time ever, you can SEE what you need to do a make a perfect weld.

A.G.I. takes the guess work out of it. Once you understand exactly how perfect welds are made you can then practice and your mind will be subconsciously moving your hands the correct way to match the perfect welding technique. In addition, you will also learn how to properly use a cutting torch, do MIG and Stick welding, and How to TIG weld for Gunsmithing.

Gunsmith welding

This is the First Time a complete DVD course on welding has ever been produced and it will open your eyes to the entire process, removing the veil of mystery surrounding precision welding. As with every other one of our courses, we completely cover the entire spectrum of welding from A-Z. From Safety and History through Gas, Cutting, MIG, Stick (Arc), TIG, Plasma cutting, reading welding symbols and blueprint, how-to projects, TIG Welding for Gunsmithing and How to make the perfect weld. Over 22 Hours of instruction that you will want to refer to again and again.

I presently have several welding processes available in my shop for the almost daily soldering, brazing jig & fixture making, tool building and maintenance operations that are necessary for a custom shop. I have never really understood those processes until viewing your new Professional Welding Course. I bought the welding course, secure in the knowledge that I would receive the same superb training I that I have come to expect from A.G.I.. My expectations have been exceeded! After 35 year of being disappointed with my welding skills I feel that I have finally found the knowledge that I need to improve my welding to a point on par with my other shop skills!

Gary Iames, South Lake Tahoe, CA. 96158

I am a professional pilot for a major airline and have a small firearms business on the side. Being a pilot my work schedule varies from week to week so taking a classroom welding course was not an option for me. When A.G.I. announced that a welding course was being developed, I was excited and one of the first to enroll. I knew that if the welding course was on par with the other A.G.I. courses I had, it was going to be good. Well, I just finished reviewing the course and it's Fantastic. I have tried gas and arc welding many times in the past. One thing for certain…I had no idea of what I was doing. And as for MIG and TIG; What's That?!?!

I had read all the manuals on gas and arc welding but I could Not convert all of the reading and photos to practical application. You can't just read about welding and expect to get good results; you need a professional instructor. This video course gives you that professional instructor. It allows you to watch the welding process up close. You can't get any closer!

Watching the welding process, as the instructor is explaining what he is doing. I don't believe you can get this level of instruction in a classroom. And best of all, if you miss something …just hit rewind and watch it again. This course Covers all the basic types of welding. Gas welding/cutting, arc, MIG and TIG but most importantly it covers gunsmith welding. This course has made me a more confident and competent gunsmith. Well worth the investment. Thanks.

Jeffery C. May, President / Gunsmith, Tactical Tools Inc., Oakton, VA. 22124


The Master Gunsmith Course also includes ALL of these Professional Courses on DVD:

  • Building The G-3 from a parts Kit. These "Assault Rifles" are popular and in demand. You will understand how to build your own or tune up a customers.
  • Building the AR-15 from a parts kit. Watch Bob Dunlap build AR-15's from three different manufacturer's parts kits. You will understand how to build them yourself and see how Bob fixed the most common problems that you will typically run into when you build up an AR from a parts kit.
  • How to do a Trigger Job on an AR-15. How to do a crisp, safety trigger job.
  • Building the M1 Garand from a parts kit. There are thousands of parts kits floating around on the market and now new receivers are available. See how you can assemble your own.
  • How to do a Trigger Job on an M1 Garand. These rifles lend themselves to long range accurate shooting, and a good trigger job to accomplish that is a must. Find out how you can tune or repair a Garand's Trigger to get the feel you are looking for.
  • How-to Rebarrel, "Blueprint" and Tune Military Mauser Rifle Actions. This is the next level in custom Mauser Rifle Building, including super tuning the action and major caliber conversions.

These Extra Bonus courses provided for you in the Master Gunsmith Course add yet another 12+ Concentrated Hours of exclusive instruction by Master Gunsmiths in addition to the 22 hours of welding. Easily the equivalent of another semester at a gunsmithing school, if they even were to teach these classes (most schools don't).

These additional courses alone are worth at least an additional several thousand dollars in value and knowledge that you wouldn't get anywhere else.

Business Success System Information Package

This Information Package Includes:

  • 6 CDs. Interviews with AGI instructors and "How-to" information on shop set-up, flow, problem solving, traps to avoid, and more.
  • Exclusive Gunsmithing First Ever Flat-rate Job Book (so you will immediately be the expert and know with confidence how much you should charge for your work)
  • "Tax Secrets That 'THEY' Don’t Want You To Know About" Audio CD This video reveals: what type of business structure you should consider having to protect yourself, what kinds of things can you write off, how many of your current expenses (rent, vehicle, gas, ammo, phone, computer, travel, more!) could be deductible on your taxes! You would pay more than $1,000 to get the advice revealed on this CD from a CPA or Tax Attorney. IF they would even tell you!
  • Marketing Manual
    Information on how to: do direct mail to generate business, news releases, yellow page ads and more to bring you customers.

Business Success Tool Kit Series

Contained in this 12 Audio CD Series is the Core Secrets to operating ANY Successful and Profitable Business. Hosted by AGI President and Successful Businessman Gene Kelly along with Professional Coach April Palmer.

This course reveals:

  • Step 1: Goal Setting that Works
  • Step 2: Getting the Results you want
    (Action Planning & Implementation)
  • Step 3: How to Survive an Economic Slump
    (or any business cycle change)
  • Step 4: How to Attract Business Like a Magnet
  • Step 5: How-to Advertising and Promotion
  • Step 6: Turning your highest potential sale per customer
  • Step 7: Making your Business Plan come alive

We have also provided you with written lesson out lines that correspond to each of the Audio CD Lessons AND a Bonus Business Success Check List. Following this information will put you on the road to success. It has worked for hundreds of others, NOW it is YOUR Turn!!